Ordered some new colors. #coolcolors #violet #blue #alizarincrimson
Back when I could hardly afford a tube of paint, I made these small works on 2x2 inch post-it notes. All materials were generously donated to me from the office job I had at the time without their knowledge. That whiteout tape is good stuff! All works 2005.
Tempts me in the parking lot everyday. VW camper van, portable studio / surf safari vehicle. The dream lives. #oneday #vanlife
Work in progress, one painting and one surfboard. #studiovibes
Close detail of a painting in progress. #slowpainting #bigpainting #watchingpaintdry
Board project with @surfymurphy is underway. #surfny #inprogess
Glad to to pick up the collaboration board I’m doing with David Murphy. This project started when the weather was warm. I’ll be painting the bottom and maybe some on the top. I’ll post periodic updates as the art work progresses. It’s an EPS blank with epoxy resin. @surfymurphy #surfnyc
Morning fish simmons slide. #latergram #joshhallsurfboards
I was watching the ocean after a session a couple of weekends ago. The swell was big and the water was frigid. Out of the blue I was approached by a friendly young man with a camera asking if it would be alright to snap some photos of me looking at the sea. I said sure and these are some of the results. The photographer is Graham Unterberger and these are shot on film. @gwunterberger #rockawaybeach #surfny

(via Listen to The Black Keys’ new song ‘Fever’ - The Strut)
The Black Keys have a new album coming out on May 13th called Turn Blue, and now we get to hear the first single off the record Fever. Listen here

Well I know what I’ll be listening to all spring and summer.