Untitled, acrylic and transfer on canvas over panel, 2010.
Flight canceled so it’s another day in Florida. High is about 80° today. I’ll take it! May even go for a surf this eve. Here is a new edition to my fin collection 9” cutaway clear fiberglass from Rainbow Fin Co. #nosnow
#realflorida (at Blue Springs State Park)
Florida quiver. Had to escape the cold in NYC.
1.2.3. Done.
More ice on the Newtown Creek. I have never seen it like this. #cold #greenpointbrooklyn
Very excited to receive this 24 inch wide masking tape today. No more fussing with 2 inch rolls and spending 20 mins or more masking out a big painting. #timesaver
#inprogess #smallpainting
#workinprogress blue tape monochrome.